Top Technology XY Position Compensation Function

About XY Position Compensation Function

XY position compensation function is our own technology.

Conventional probers compensate XY positions by the mechanism accuracy of stage.
We developed and adopted the new concept position compensation method that software guarantees position compensation accuracy (hereafter, XY position compensation function) to our probers.
XY position compensation function guarantees the position accuracy by processing the precision data acquired from stage resolution, repeat accuracy and image processing.
Our position compensation method using XY position compensation function is as below.

1. Stage compensation
Accuracy of stage mechanism is acquired and corrected with a reference wafer or glass mask.

2. Target compensation
Probing is compensated using a pattern on a wafer.

Since XY stage accuracy is decided by the data acquired from stage resolution, repeat function, image process through above compensations, our prober can provide the extreamly high-precision probing.
By utilizing this compensation function, our prober can compensate the position gap of chip by distortion and bending caused by film tension and dicer blade after dicing.

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