Top Technology What's PCP Series ?

What's PCP Series ?

PCP Series is a series of probers designed to measure thin wafers, diced wafers and special shape substrates in addition to general wafers.
PCP Series are designed to transfer a general wafer or a film frame with special shape substrates from the cassette automatically, and perform pre-alignment, fine alignment and probing.


Wafer Size:100mm (4 inch) to 200mm (8 inch)
Film Frame:300mm (12 inch) or smaller
Linear motor stage offers low noise, low magnetic field, and foot print less than 1 meter square feet.
Controlling the stage by chip position data of a wafer. (XY position compensation)

Solves accumulate errors of contact caused by stage index, initial setting, and temperature.

1. High accurate probing for diced wafer.
2. Able to probe even in a test area of small unit such as WLCSP and QFN which used to be probed by a conventional Handler.
3. Multi-probing inspection dramatically improves a throughput of probing process.

Examples of System Configuration

Tester interface and docking
Test system configuration with a general measurement tool
Interface with a laser marking

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