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The Probing Handler PCP-103SL is the best solution for the diced device WLCSP or Package Substrate (BGA, QFN, etc) of 200mm by the probing method of PFC original concept.
By adopting PFC original XY Compensation and Profiling function, PCP-103SL compensates the position shift by "warpage" and "sag" of a film caused by film tension and dicer blade, and performs Multi-die probing.

The best probing solution for the diced device WLCSP and Package Substrate (BGA, QFN, etc.)
Compensates the shifted position and performs Multi-die probing.
Successful record of Alignment for customers' products is 100%. (Record only in Japan)
Multi-area probing is available when more than two package substrates are on a film frame.
Capable of reconstructed wafer on a film frame.
Probing more than two points by moving in a chip (Micro Probing)
The ring clamp method is used so it is not influenced even if a film is slacked or sagged.
Chip smaller than 1mm is handled by small-diameter VAC holes.
Sandblast finish of chuck surface and chuck air-blow-mechanism improve the detachability from the chuck.
Low noise: More than -80dB on the chuck
 (Reference Value: 30KHZ to 30MHZ Loop ANT actual measurement)
High rigidity cabinet made by the iron surface plate and the welding frame realizes low vibration
Low cost and High throughput
Small space (Footprint), power-saving design
Stable operation (more than MTBF5000 hours)

Quick Loader can reduce the Load/Unload time per sheet to half.
Chip smaller than 0.5mm can be handled by extra-small-diameter VAC holes.
Capable of the high temperature range (50 ℃ to 150 ℃) and the precise thermal control (25℃±0.3℃).
Non-magnetic spec to handle a magnetic device.
 ※Reference value (standard system): Chuck surface: 0.04mT
                    Transporting rout: 0.2mT


Film Frame size 2-8-1(φ200mm)
Supports 2-6-1 by changing chuck (OP)
Supports echo-ring, square ring (OP)
Probing area Wafer: φ200mm
Max: (X)214mm × (Y)214mm ※Contact us for detail
XY stage Driven by linear motor (Repeat accuracy:1um)
Footprint Small space: (W)1200mm × (D)860mm

Sales achievement: PCP series more than 430 sets (As of April 2018)
We can respond to the request from a customer flexibly.
We can offer discount for the purchase of several sets together.

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