Probing Handler
Accurate probing is realized even for the diced chips on the frame by the XY position correction function!
Wafer Prober
Various functions such as Multi-die Probing!
Space-saving and power-saving!
Wafer Laser Marking System
Using New UV laser!
Engraves highly recognizable characters!
Supports 2D (two-dimensional) barcodes!
Double Sided Wafer Prober
Accurate double-sided contact!
For the inspection of power devices!
XY Position Compensation Function
Please see our original XY Position Compensation function!
Non-magnetic Spec
For Magnetic Sensors
Capable of magnetic sensor inspection such as low residual magnetic field, ones equipped with electromagnet, and temperature control, etc!

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Jan.19, 2024 New Option Feature is added to the Wafer Laser Marking System "PCP-LM8"!
A significant improvement in Takt can be expected by the new option feature "SLM mode”.
30% UP for PCP-LM8 Standard! 50% UP for PCP-105LM! (compared to our conventional products)

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