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PCP Series

[Wafer Process]

Wafer Probers

PCP-102SL / PCP-302N

Full automatic probe system, available for Semi-auto.
Probe position compensation by automatic
die size scaling ensures the Reliable Contact.
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Wafer Size
100mm (4 inch) to 300mm (12 inch)

For Probe Card For RF-positioner

Double Sided Wafer Prober

Enable to contact both the Pad on the wafer top and bottom (double side) simultaneously
High Voltage & Current Power Device testing
Full auto "Contact Checker Unit" for fail safe
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Wafer Size
100mm (4 inch) to 200 mm (8 inch)

Probing Handlers for Diced Special Form

PCP-103SL / PCP-303N

Probing position compensation
X & Y linear motor technology for reliability
and performance
Multi-area Alignment
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Frame Size
2-6-1, 2-8-1 and 2-12


※1 Supports 6 inch by changing the chuck (Option)
※2 Supports 8 inch by changing the chuck (Option)

Spec difference of Wafer Probers

Spec difference of Probing Handlers


You can edit the probing coordinates, probe position data, etc. by your personal computer(*1)!
PCP Off-line Editor

Setting of probing coordinates, etc. which takes time can be done without stopping the operation of PCP series.

*1: Windows OS only.

This is the dedicated system, built with the probing system (PCP series) and power supplies or measuring instruments available on the market such as meter, to control both by using a dedicated PC.
Measurement System

This system is available for the measurement not only for mass-production, but also for research & development and for the measurement with the specifications required by customer.


Manual Prober Positioner Inker Unit
Ink Dispenser Probe Card

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