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PCP Series

[Wafer Process]

Wafer Prober

PCP-102SL / PCP-302N

Full automatic probe system, available for Semi-auto.
Probe position compensation by automatic
die size scaling ensures the Reliable Contact.
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Wafer Size
100mm (4 inch) to 300mm (12 inch)

For Probe Card For RF-positioner

Double Sided Wafer Prober

High Voltage & Current Power Device testing
Full auto "Contact Checker Unit" for fail safe
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Wafer Size
100mm (4 inch) to 200 mm (8 inch)

Wafer Laser Marking System

Engrave letters and barcodes with lasers on the back of the wafer
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Wafer Size
150 mm (6 inch), 200 mm (8 inch)
Probing Handler for Diced Special Form
PCP-103SL / PCP-303N

Probing position compensation
X & Y linear motor technology for reliability
and performance
Multi-area Alignment
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Frame Size
2-6-1, 2-8-1 and 2-12


※1 Supports 6 inch by changing the chuck (Option)
※2 Supports 8 inch by changing the chuck (Option)

Wafer Prober

Probing Handler


Custom-made Measurement System
Developing Measurement Software

Combining our probing system (PCP series) and commercially available measuring instruments such as power supplies and meters, and using a dedicated PC, we build a dedicated system that controls both.

You can edit the probing coordinates, probe position data, etc. by your personal computer(*1)
PCP Off-line Editor

Setting of probing coordinates, etc. which takes time can be done without stopping the operation of PCP series.

*1: Windows OS only.


Inker Unit Probe Card

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