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PCP Series Wafer Prober / Probing Handler
Developing Measurement Software

Custom-made Measurement System

Combining our probing system (PCP series) and commercially available measuring instruments such as power supplies and meters, and using a dedicated PC, we build a dedicated system that controls both.
In addition to mass production use, measurements can be made with specifications that meet R&D and customer needs.

Example of Use

Evaluation of process characteristics of superconducting devices at room temperature
Used with: Multimeter , Source Measure Unit , Picoampere Meter
High resistance and insulation resistance measurement for each process of superconducting devices.
SAW Filter Characteristics Measurement
for Mobile Phone
Used with: Network analyzer
The system measures filter characteristics such as center frequency and minimum insertion loss.
Laminated Capacitor’s Capacity Measurement
Used with: LCR meter, High voltage power supply, PLC
The system outputs measurement trigger at regular intervals with an accuracy of 0.5 msec or less and measures the capacity.
Frequency Measurement
for Communication/Clock Modules
Used with: Network analyzer
The system measures resonant frequency, impedance, and equivalent constant.
Automotive Acceleration Sensor Measurement,
Electrical Capacitive Pressure Sensor Measurement
Used with: LCR meter
The system changes the bias voltage and measures the capacitance by the capacitance detection method.
I-V Characteristics Measurement for Photodiode (PD, APD)
Used with: SMU
The system measures reverse and forward I-V characteristics by voltage sweep measurement.

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