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Ink Dispenser

This Ink Dispenser is a Pneumatic Dispenser (Ink Unit) which pushes out ink in the syringe by air pulse.

 Easy to adjust dot size!

By adjusting the discharge pressure / time of dispenser, it is possible to perform marking in the suitable dot size for the purpose. Even when the dot size is extremely different, depending on the target of marking, the dispenser can deal with such case by changing a needle of the syringe tip.

 Marking vertically

Since needle of the ink dispenser can be installed vertically because of pneumatic method, it is possible to mark the beautiful circular dot and very effective to mark avoiding the mounted parts of different level.

 Example of records

Setup AIR Pressure: 0.4Mpa
AIR Discharge Time: 0.01S to 0.2S
VAC Pressure: 0.2Kpa
Nozzle TN-0.1-13.7-SUSG (Inside diameter: 0.1mm, outer diameter: 0.3mm)
Ink Mark 250μm to 700μm

※ Please prepare the ink by a cusotmer.

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