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1. Changes to Term of Use
Plum Five may change or cease the contents of term of use without prior notice. Please see the most current version of Term of Use when you use the site.
2. Copyrights
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4. Prohibitions
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5. Disclaimer
Plum Five carefully checked all the information provided on this website. However Plum Five assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information. Please note that we may modify a part or all of the contents of this Website, or may suspend or cease operation of this website without notice. Plum Five shall not be liable for any direct or indirect problems, loss or damages arising out of the use or unavailability of use of this site, and Plum Five will also not be liable for any direct or indirect problems, loss or damages arising from any data written by a third party, unauthorized access, any comments or any mails posted on this site.
6. Link
Plum Five assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the contents of the website (hereafter, "linked sites") of third parties or your use of linked sites. In principle, you are free to link to this Website. However, we will reject links from any website depending on its contents (such as offensive to public order, etc.) or linking method.
7. Governing law and jurisdiction
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